Our international services

The business world is not restricted by the borders of any given country. Business transactions may involve complex international legal issues, including those that touch on the fields of company law and tax law. BOS VAN DER BURG has specialised knowledge of European and international company law, as well as tax law. Our international clientele can be found in a wide variety of industries and sectors. When international legal issues arise, our firm finds solutions by engaging our extensive network of tax advisors, accountants, and civil-law notaries.

BOS VAN DER BURG can assist you in your negotiations with foreign business partners. For example, if you are party to a court judgment or arbitration decision rendered abroad, we can assist you with carrying out its provisions in the Netherlands.


In some cases, your case may have to be adjudicated by a court in another country. BOS VAN DER BURG maintains a close-knit international network of lawyers around the world. BOS VAN DER BURG is member of the international netwerk Pragma International, a worldwide netwerk of law and consulting firms. If your legal dispute has to be resolved abroad, BOS VAN DER BURG can act as your contact in the Netherlands.