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BOS VAN DER BURG serves a wide range of commercial clients, from the small and medium-size enterprise sector to listed funds, as well as non-profits, institutions and governments. BOS VAN DER BURG also provides legal advice to private individuals and acts as counsel in court proceedings.

BOS VAN DER BURG takes a full-service, proactive approach to the work we do for our clients, focusing on solutions and getting things done quickly. Our firm is characterised by short communication lines and high-quality service, all at competitive rates that we explain to our clients in advance. With our firm, you always know where you stand.

Bos van der Burg is member of Pragma International, a worldwide netwerk of law and consulting firms. 

Bos van der Burg

As our firm’s name suggests, BOS VAN DER BURG was founded in 1991 by Pieter Bos and Kees van der Burg, both of whom have wide-ranging expertise in the legal profession.

Legal disputes often involve more than one area of law. The lawyers at BOS VAN DER BURG combine legal expertise with business acumen, and all of them have their own speciality. As a result, your case is always handled by an expert in the field.

The lawyers also have many years’ experience in litigation. This is an asset not only when it comes to obtaining favourable court judgements, but also to providing thorough advice concerning legal matters such as preparing and interpreting contracts and general terms and conditions.

BOS VAN DER BURG forms long-term relationships with our clients by providing customised legal work. BOS VAN DER BURG has in-house experts to provide excellent service to every type of client, from businesses to private individuals to governments. As a result, we have an exceptionally diverse clientele.


Our services are sought by both SMEs and listed companies. BOS VAN DER BURG employs professionals who specialise in company law, construction and real property law, insolvency law, collections, administrative law, tax law, labour law, landlord and tenant law, intellectual property law and information and communication technology (IT/ICT law).

Private individuals

BOS VAN DER BURG counsels private individuals and litigates on their behalf. Our lawyers can assist you in such areas as landlord and tenant law, right of residence, law of persons, family law, liability and contract law, labour law, attachment law, bankruptcy law and the debt restructuring scheme for natural persons, and administrative law.


BOS VAN DER BURG also employs professionals who specialise in administrative law. BOS VAN DER BURG has a great deal of experience litigating both on behalf of and against the government. Our experience on both sides of these issues means that your case is in good hands with BOS VAN DER BURG.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BOS VAN DER BURG is aware of its impact on the environment and strives to minimise that impact, as well as to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Our firm has an in-house environmental management system that enables us to devote consistent attention to environmental issues. We use only sustainably produced and environmentally friendly printer paper that bears the EU Ecolabel and is FSC certified. We conserve natural resources through procurement practices, as well as by making environmentally aware decisions regarding the use of office supplies and cutting energy use.

Internal Complaint Procedure Bos Van Der Burg Advocaten

Our office is doing everything in its power in order to be of service to you in the best possible way. However, it is possible that you are not satisfied about a certain aspect of the services provided by us. This internal complaint procedure will explain to you what your options are in this case. In the event that you are not satisfied with the establishment, the execution or the quality of the assignment given to Bos Van der Burg by yourself, or in the event that you are not satisfied with the amount mentioned on the invoice, you can submit a written complaint at Bos Van der Burg Advocaten. Your complaint shall be treated in accordance with that which has been determined in this complaint procedure. The settlement of your complaint is free of charge.

Article 1 Definition of terms

1.1 In this complaint procedure, the terms are defined as follows:
– Complaint: every written and motivated expression of dissatisfaction of a client directed against the lawyer or the people working under his responsibility about the establishment and execution of the assignment, the quality of the provided services or the amount stated on the invoices, not being a complaint as meant in paragraph 4 of the Dutch Advocatenwet.
– complainant: the client or his representative who submits a written complaint.
– complaints official: the lawyer burdened with the settlement of the complaint.

Article 2 Scope

2.1 This complaint procedure applies to all assignments given to Bos Van der Burg Advocaten by the client.
2.2 Before finalizing the agreement, the lawyer will bring the complaint procedure and the fact that it applies to the provided services, to the attention of the client.

Article 3 Goal of the Complaint Procedure

3.1 The goal of this complaint procedure is 1) to determine a procedure in order to settle complaints made by the client in a timely and constructive fashion; 2) maintenance and improvement of existing relationships by means of a correct handling of complaints; 3) improvement of the quality of the services provided by means of a complaint procedure.

Article 4 Internal Complaint Procedure

4.1 The client is able to submit a written complaint to mr. P.H. Bos or mr. C.M. van der Burg. Both of these lawyers are complaint officials. In the event that the complaint is not directed at a specific complaints official, the complaint shall be handled by one of the complaint officials. In the event that the complaint is about at one of the complaint officials, the complaint shall be handled by the other complaints official.
4.2 The complaint needs to be submitted within three months from the moment you became aware or reasonable should have become aware of the action/inaction of the lawyer which has caused your complaint. A complaint regarding (the amount stated on) an invoice needs to be submitted, motivated and in writing, to Bos Van der Burg Advocaten within 14 days from the date the invoice has been sent. In the event that the complainant does not comply with these terms, the complaint shall be deemed inadmissible and the complainant shall lose the right to submit a complaint on this subject. A complaint about an invoice shall also be deemed inadmissible when the complainant has already paid the invoice. In this event, the complainant shall also lose the right to submit a complaint.
4.2 The complaints official shall inform the person who the complaint is directed at and will request a motivated response to the complaint from both the complainant and the person who the complaint is directed at.
4.3 Together with the person who the complaint is directed at, the complaints official shall attempt to reach a solution through mediation.
4.4 The complaints official shall handle the complaint within four weeks from receipt of the complaint or earlier or later at his convenience.
4.5 The complaints official shall inform the complainant and the person who the complaint is directed at in writing about the judgement on the validity of the complaint, when necessary accompanied by recommendations.
4.6 The complaints official and the person who the complaint is directed at are bound to confidentiality when handling the complaint. The handling of the complaint is free of charge.

Article 5 Procedure after judgement on the complaint

5.1 Complaints as defined in article 1 of this complaints procedure which (after handling) are not solved to the satisfaction of the complainant have to be presented, under penalty of inadmissibility, by the complainant to the Court of The Hague within 4 weeks from the date of the written communication from the complaints official as meant in article 4.5.

PDF-version Internal Complaint Procedure Bos van der Burg (147.9 KB)