Communication technology (IT/ICT law)

ICT contracts

The part ICT plays and the dependency on it are growing. The contracts which form the foundation for this do not only relate to hardware and software, but also to services such as maintenance and hosting. BOS VAN DER BURG has a broad experience when it comes to the preparation and assessment of ICT contracts.

Artists’ and performers’ contracts

Within the world of radio and television, there is a strong need for specific made-to-measure contracts for artists. BOS VAN DER BURG is regularly involved in such contracts. Contracts made for authors also require a specific kind of expertise. BOS VAN DER BURG can provide you with this expertise.

Licensing agreements

Everyone who wishes to put his intellectual property rights at the disposal of others, is able to do this through the use of a license agreement. A license agreement contains and determines the rights and obligations of both parties. The extent of the license has to be determined in a legally sound way. BOS VAN DER BURG is able to advise you on this and to prepare and assess license agreements.

Format protection

Format protection and specific concept protection demand a large amount of creativity in order to actually reach this desired level of protection. Generally, a variety of tools is used in order to offer the best possible level of certainty that the protection will last. The lawyers of BOS VAN DER BURG are more than happy to explain how this works.