Landlord and tenant law

Preparing and assessing leases

BOS VAN DER BURG is able to provide you with advice on your current lease(s) and a tailored edit of new leases.

Leasing office and commercial space

The lawyers of BOS VAN DER BURG offer advice to both (professional) tenants and lessors with respect to rent law. When defects arise in the rented property or when the rent is not paid (on time), the lessor or the tenant respectively, needs to be held responsible, possibly also legally.


In the event of acquisition of your company, the location of your company can play an important part in its overall value. The law offers the possibility to use subrogation in order to pass the current lease over to the buyer. This is only possible for the commercial spaces of medium-sized companies (for example retail and catering). This cannot apply to office spaces. BOS VAN DER BURG can offer you advice about this and is able to conduct the necessary procedure in order to achieve the desired subrogation.

Residential space

As a (professional) landlord, there is a possibility that you will encounter a variety of conflicts. The tenant may not be able to pay the rent (on time) or outright refuses to pay, for example because he feels that he landlord needs to perform renovation works. BOS VAN DER BURG is able to represent your interests during the preparatory phase and any possible legal proceedings.

Lease termination proceedings

The law has determined six ground on which the lessor can terminate a lease. For example, a lease can be terminated by the lessor when the tenant does not behave as a good tenant, when the lessor urgently requires the space for his own use or when the tenant refuses a reasonable offer for a new lease. BOS VAN DER BURG is able to advise you about the legal feasibility of a lease termination proceeding.

Rent disputes and adjustments

BOS VAN DER BURG is able to advise you about the possibilities and impossibilities of adjustments to rental prices in leases when it comes to commercial spaces. In principle, the rental price can only be determined anew once the first agreed duration of the lease expires. There are notable differences between commercial and office spaces.