Tax law

Tax planning and corporate structuring

In the constantly continuing internationalization of the business world, the planning and structuring of transboundary transactions plays an important part. Local regulations, tax treaties between countries, as well as European directives need to be consulted in order to fiscally optimize investments and revenue streams.

Transaction practice

In the event of mergers and acquisitions, the buying party would like to know exactly what they are purchasing and whether there are not any fiscal surprises. BOS VAN DER BURG is able to guide or completely take charge of this fiscal due diligence in order to fiscally optimize the conditions of the acquisition.

Transfer pricing

Entrepreneurs are legally obligated to determine and establish market transfer pricing, which will be used for mutual deliveries of goods and services. Entrepreneurs like to precipitate their costs there where tax rates are high, and precipitate their revenue there where tax rates are low. However, the tax authorities want to prevent the deterioration of their respective tax bases due to the artificial movement of profits. BOS VAN DER BURG has the expertise and experience to represent the interests of entrepreneurs in complying with the transfer pricing obligation and to establish a report in accordance with the applicable Dutch and OESO regulations.

Immigration/emigration and assigning staff abroad

People are the central drives in the global market of today. This makes it very important for international companies to attract and keep experienced and innovative employees. They are willing to execute assignments abroad and to settle themselves in the Netherlands or abroad, be it temporary (‘expats’) or permanent (‘migrants’). For employers, it’s usually a complicated and time consuming process to make sure that the applicable rules and regulations are respected. Taking into account the different fiscal rules, which are present in transboundary employment situations, employers should approach and guide foreign employees carefully. BOS VAN DER BURG offers migrants, international employers and their foreign staff a broad variety of services, such as optimizing transboundary labor in order to minimalize the costs of assignments abroad, meeting tax and social security obligations, as well as the preparation of Dutch income tax assessments, the application of the 30% scheme for placed staff, advice about rules and regulation in the area of immigration with regard to administration, registration and licenses for employees and advice about labor laws and regulations, under which the establishment of employment contracts.